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Islamic Relief is an international aid agency that provides humanitarian relief and development programs in over 40 countries, serving communities in need regardless of race, political affiliation, gender, or belief. Founded in 1984 in the UK, it has international headquarters in Birmingham (Islamic Relief Worldwide) and a network of national offices, affiliated partners, registered branches and field offices spanning 50 countries. Its income in 2018 was £128 million, and it is the largest independent international aid agency inspired by Islamic humanitarian values.

This member of the community wasn't satisfied at all, this is what he has to say, "I am very very disappointed in the Islamic Relief organization in Florida the person in charge in St. Petersburg I was in need for money I am a business owner who was about to be in the street losing my business and house I requested loan I truly was planning to return the loan money and donate monthly to that organization but he was ignorant did not want to help I was going to give him the imam number if he does not believe me but he did not help what so ever I told him God is merciful he will not put me down and Blessing of God and his mercy helped me not through him I promised myself I will never donate to any organization what so ever cause I am a giver before that any organization comes to collect money I used to give all that I can even if it is the last hundred in my pocket. I am still a giver but I know who to give my donation to I give it to orphans direct not through an organization."


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no comment (Former Employee) says

"They love to hire their unqualified friends with double the salary and they love to promote themselves by creating 'new' positions and filling it before even making it public. they break every single labor law in America and they get away with all of it. Stay away from this organization as it is run by the brotherhood and they're connected with the shadiest people on earth. Not to mention that a few people in congress are after this organization. Cons: everything"

Call Center Representative says

"I worked at Islamic Relief USA for more than a year Cons: Too much drama and politics. It's more like clans and male culture."

Former Employee - Programs says

"I worked at Islamic Relief USA full-time for more than 3 years Cons: The company is all over the place, doesn't stick to any of the strategies they force you to write. The CEO is a joke and has no knowledge or experience to be where he is. He forces all hands meetings that are a minimum of 1 hour and are pointless and he's incredibly rude and arrogant. Most directors are forced to just do what the CEO says whether or not it makes sense. Also, promotions and raises don't exist. They expect you to work 24 hours. I'ts a boys club and they're extremely sexist. HR is a joke and has no power at all."


"I worked at Islamic Relief USA Cons: - Very limited room for growth. Good place to spend a few years before moving on. -Compensation is on the lower end."

Former Employee - International Program Coordinator says

"I worked at Islamic Relief USA full-time for more than 5 years Cons: No appreciation and in one day you will find yourself out with no reason"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Islamic Relief USA full-time Cons: Management sucks. HR does not care about your concerns and will put you on blast in snarky emails with a lot of CC's. Many male managers have no respect. They will gossip, spread rumors, and intentionally hurt your chance at being rehired. Most of these managers are in the VA headquarters, not the smaller individual branches. You can be very qualified but your buddy's referral will probably get the job because that's where the values are at."

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"I worked at Islamic Relief USA full-time Cons: -Lots of egos -Not as professional as it should be -Culture -Lots of men and directors who run the place and their mouths -No encouragement for training or improving skill set"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Islamic Relief USA full-time Cons: Lack of advancement for qualified employees."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Islamic Relief USA full-time for more than 3 years Cons: some of the leadership is limited in their understanding of process and procedural discipline"

Associate says

"I have been working at Islamic Relief USA Cons: Like many non-profits, doesn't have a high intense work culture, which is needed in certain situations. Also, it's very slow to get certain things done, given its inefficiencies."

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